Increase Your Social Reach
and Engage Your Fans & Followers
with Interactive Live Video is a SaaS/PaaS for making interactive live video for social media*.

No software installation is needed, all functionality is provided in a web control panel. It enables to make different live video forms, from simple Live Reactions with static background images to complex live broadcasts using multiple mobile devices with graphic and interactive layers (surveys, quizzes, contests). Streaming live interactive video increase your reach and engagement and lets to identify your most active viewers and generate leads.

We will start beta tests soon.

* We start with Facebook linteractive live streaming, support for Youtube and other social platforms will come soon.


Missing some functionality you need? Don’t worry. We are preparing beta tests with initial functionality and will work on new ones.

Sign up for beta tests
 and send us your suggestions.

How it works

Only 5 steps to start your interactive live video on Facebook

1. Login with Facebook

Use Your Facebook account to register/login


2. Choose Fanpage

Choose your fanpage where you want to publish interactive live broadcast

3. Setup Live Broadcast

Add live mobile feeds
Define graphic and interactions layers
Define scenes


4. Publish on Facebook

Edit and publish post with your interactive live broadcast. You can schedule post publishing to start live broadcast automatically later.

5. Manage Your Broadact

Switch live mobile feeds
Switch on/off graphics and interactive layers
Switch scenes
Make a coffe break 🙂
– logout doesn’t stop your broadcast. Login again to
continue controlling broadcast (even on another computer)



• Platform in a cloud • Dedicated for social media • Easy to use • TV like broadcasts • Interactions embeded in broadcast • For everyone – even small fanpage owner • Affordable price •

What can you do?

Multi-camera live coverage with interactions
Interactive live presentations/trainings/Q&A sessions
Live reactions & polling
Suggest new interactive content form to implement

What can you achieve?

Boost your social reach
Gain new fans & followers
Engage your fans & followers
Identify most active viewers
Generate leads
Provide TV like expierence
Be flexible – no software to install, no broadcast interruption after logout, login on any desktop