How to keep your audience during the whole video?


The survey made by shows that 80% of users would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog. 

If your business already has an audience it would be easy to bring them to your live video, but the harder task would be to keep them with you during the whole video. If some of your viewers getting bored and bouncing during your show, we have a couple of simple tips, that will help to build more engagement on your live videos.

Promote your video before going live

It might sound stupid, but you have to remember that your live video happens… live. If you suddenly start a live video, your audience might don’t have time to watch the video. Don’t forget to let them know earlier and allow them to find some time to watch. 

Pick the right time to go live

It’s crucial to pick a good timing for you live videos. Try to get into your target audience routine and find the best time, when most of them will be active on a platform you use for live stream.


Don’t forget about your audience during the broadcast

This tip is another no-brainer. Why bother with live videos, if you don’t want to communicate with your audience during so? Be responsive as possible to encourage more responsiveness in your audience. If you answer one question, your viewer will be more likely to ask another one. Make an effort to be as responsive not only in your videos but also in your comment section. If you moderate chat properly and ask questions and write a lot during shows, your audience will also do that.

Try to make a live videos with a special discount on your products

Whatever you do in marketing, you should put yourself into the customers’ shoes and remember – you have to offer something to your audience if you want their attention. Try to do something that they will be waiting for – sales for an example. Make a live videos with unique discounts. It would not only help to bring and keep the audience but also immediately increase sales.

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