How to deal with anxiety when doing your first live stream?


Let’s start with a few questions a beginner live stream makers tend to ask themselves.

What if they think I’m stupid?

What if they find me boring?

What if they just don’t like me?

What if I forget what I was preparing to say?

What if they think I don’t really know the subject I’m talking about?

Sounds familiar? Okay, let us tell you one thing for a start.

You ARE NOT the only one asking yourself these questions. These are very common struggles, as the fear of speaking out in from of the audience is one of the most common fears at all. But let’s reframe this whole situation.

You can be stressed, you can feel like a complete beginner, but for the live stream just as for the stage performance, there is just one simple solution that helps to deal with fear – PREPARATION. 

live stream

Before your first public entry 

So, we encourage you to ask yourself a different set of questions, that will help you prepare and gain confidence before your first public entry:

  • Who is my audience?
  • How they are going to feel about the subject?
  • What kind of needs and struggles do they have?
  • What do they dream of?
  • What do they fear?

It’s about your AUDIENCE

One more thing to help you overcome the stress. The most popular misconception about public speaking and making live stream videos is thinking that it’s about YOU. No, it’s about your AUDIENCE. Focus on them, their mindset, their needs, and you will automatically switch your attention from feeling observed to serving others.

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