How to build engagement in your live videos?

live videos

Live videos are a HUGE thing, that’s for sure. Just look at the data. Facebook Live’s search popularity increased by 330% last year. The Facebook live videos view count climbed to as much as 2 billion viewers in 2018. Facebook live videos get 10 times more comments than regular videos.  And live users watch live videos on Facebook three times longer than the videos that were pre-loaded. 

But, as the numbers grow, also grows your competition in getting the audience’s attention. Here are a few tips to help you build engagement on your own live videos:

Host interviews

Not only does it make your content more interesting, but it also enables you to reach your guests’ audience. Make sure the person you invite posts information about your interview on his/her channels beforehand and share a snapshot from a conversation afterward. This will help you grow your audience for future entrances.

Show some backstage of your production

Seeing behind-the-scene is one of the most crucial factors that engage your audience. As much as 87% of millennials state, that seeing the backstage (of the brand’s story, of the owners’ struggles, of the content productions) engages them more into the story, make them more attached to the brand and perceive you as more transparent and thus trustworthy.

Make sure you cover the subject you are known for being an expert in 

and you feel confident to talk about it. Not many things are worse than struggling to talk about a subject or selling low-quality content you are not sure is well prepared and thought of. It will impact your way of speaking and your interactions with the audience when the live is on air. 

live videos

Hit on the hot subjects

When you notice a strong trend or highly-engaging social occurrence – make a profit from that. Share your thoughts on the subject, ask your audience to share their views and engage into the discussion. You have only a few moments until they will turn into another hot topic. But make sure you feel confident about the subject. 

Host Q&A sessions

As you’ve grown your community (it doesn’t have to be a 5 digit or more, just make sure they respond to your materials); let them know you better and give them a chance to influence the live stream’s flow. Let them ask questions. This is also a good way to check what kind of things are most interesting for them and what kind of content they would like to see more in your future live streams.

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