How to look good on live video?


Plan to go live? Good for you! Just look at some data from 99firms: The daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts quadrupled in a single year and Facebook Live video produce 6 times as many interactions as traditional videos! Now that’s a way to expose yourself, isn’t it?

If you find yourself a new-born live streamer probably you find yourself anxious about exposing yourself on live video. One of the most commonly mentioned reasons is the way we look in the camera when making a video with no cuts, no postproduction, just flesh and bone. This is one of the reasons why your audience will be more interested in the content that will show your real face, but let us help you make it look the best it can.

Stand in a good light

Make sure the light is in front of you so your face is not a black object moving as you speak your words, but looks healthy and well visible. The daily light is the most friendly (especially if you are able to catch the golden hour time). If you can’t find the daily light, make sure the lamp gives the warm light and the source of light is diffused. This will help you look good, and don’t emphasize any signs of fatigue on your face.

Pay attention to your background, pick the right time to go live

Yes, it’s cool to record yourself in a fancy surrounding and there are no rules about what you should be there, but take into considerations a few factors that can help you. Make sure the background is not distracting the audience. Both in a matter of sound and movement. Also, standing on a white wall (unless it’s your well-thought-of concept), will make the video seem cheap, and every manifestation of your nervousness will be much more visible. Also, make sure that any object in your background doesn’t “grow from your head” – this may make you look more hilarious that you’ve probably planned.

Make eye contact

We know it may seem tempting to control your appearance by looking on the screen, but the viewers need some eye contact. They want to believe that you are there for them, speaking directly to them, not checking out on yourself all the time. 

live video

Sit or stand up straight

It will make your face look better, make your neck seem slender, and make your voice stronger, as standing up straight will help you use the full strength of your diaphragm as you breathe. It will make you more comfortable with speaking as well, you won’t get tired so quickly. The audience really doesn’t want to see you suffer spending time with them.  

Do your hair and makeup

The camera is a wicked bastard that makes any of the sneaky detail appear bigger and more distracting. Shiny nose or sticking up hair will catch their attention.

Wear it right

We don’t want you to wear things you don’t feel comfortable with, but watch out for noisy patterns on your clothes, as they will make the camera go crazy. Also, make sure your jewelry doesn’t make noise as you move while speaking on live video.

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